Discouragement Removed

Recently a Youth for Christ missionary visited a sensitive Youth for Christ national ministry and participated in a staff and volunteer training event. For safety reasons, much of the detail of this story will be left out. Being invited to share during the staff training event, the Youth for Christ missionary heard the Holy Spirit direct him to pray for any of the nationals who felt discouraged in their work. Of the seventy YFC staff and volunteers present, fifty felt overwhelming discouragement due to persecution and intense spiritual warfare.

Shocked by the amount of individuals feeling discouraged, the missionary didn’t have time or space to pray with each one personally. The missionary slipped to his knees and invited those experiencing discouragement to gather with them to pray. A small cluster formed together on the floor. They held one another’s hands and waited on Jesus. As the missionary put it, a great desperation grew in their heart for the Holy Spirit to touch these discouraged Saints. Silently and in great passion, the missionary cried out in prayer.

The Holy Spirit came.

Yes, the Holy Spirit was already present, but His tangible and familiar presence began to rest on the huddled Saints. As tears began to flow from the eyes of many present, a miraculous work of God began to transpire. This huddled group found themselves covered and enveloped by the Spirit of God. He had come to minister to His people. As this group of Saints began to worship and respond to the sovereign and compassionate move of the Holy Spirit, discouragement began to break. In that small cluster of people, fear gave room to joy and discouragement gave room to courage. Many in the group were astonished by the Spirit’s power to simply cancel out the constricting grasp of discouragement. The Holy Spirit renewed strength in these precious Saints and they in turn, committed themselves (despite persecution) to their mission to share the Gospel with more young people!

Joy and lightness rooted itself deeply in the hearts of those praying that day. More young people will hear and respond to the Gospel because of these Saints!

As you pray this week, lay your burdens before the Lord. If you are wrestling with discouragement, wait on the Holy Spirit. The Holy Spirit desires to wash away discouragement and renew your strength. We are praying for the courage and boldness of God to bless and empower you to share the Gospel like the Saints mentioned above!

Praying with and for you,

The Youth for Christ International Prayer Team