A friend had invited a couple friends and me to attend and help at a LARGE event called Awakening Australia. Approximately 20,000 people attended. There were just shy of 2,000 people who recommitted or gave their lives to Jesus for the first time. The fear of God was so tangible amongst those giving their lives to Jesus that when the salvation message was offered, hundreds of people ran to the front (many falling prostrate) to receive a new life with God in Christ! It was glorious to watch.

This event also focused on equipping and sending people into Melbourne, Australia, to share the Gospel. While in a local mall, I could hear audible shouts of celebration as people gave their lives to Christ or celebrated a miracle of healing after being prayed for! Even I was approached by a handful of people who asked if they could share the Gospel with me! A friend and I had the opportunity to pray for a number of people on the streets and saw a man give his life to Christ!

God is doing a marvellous thing in our time!

One thing I was privileged to witness was the team of intercessors who daily prayed for this event. Taking shifts, these intercessors (including some of our very own Youth for Christ Australia staff) gathered to pray secretly for God’s Spirit to move through the speakers, worship teams, and activities of this event. Of the 20,000 that were there to worship and hear incredible preaching, a small handful prayed faithfully. Of the hundreds who rushed the front and were born again, a small handful remained unmoved to pray. When thousands of Jesus Freaks flooded the city, a small handful tucked away in a small room prayed for the witness of Jesus to increase in Australia. Their prayers were heard.

There was such a movement of mission on the streets of Melbourne, Australia, that the Australian news reported thousands of Jesus Freaks had flooded Melbourne!

By way of reminder, I wish to encourage you to pray that the Lord of the Harvest would send labourers into the harvest (Matthew 9:38). Our mission is not complete until every young person has heard the Gospel! Today, make a small list of people you know who have yet to receive Christ. Put your list somewhere you will see it and pray daily for them. God has purposed to move in response to prayer. Like the intercessory team at Awakening Australia, pray faithfully and watch as God moves in the lives of those on your list!