Romans 1:17 states, “For in the gospel the righteousness of God is revealed – a righteousness that is by faith from first to last, just as it is written: ‘The righteous will live by faith.’”

500 years ago, on 31 October 1517, Martin Luther put the 95 statements on the door of the Wittenberg Church. His actions caused trouble within the church and government during his day. This was the birth of the Protestant Reformation, a happening that changed the entire world.

While Luther was a theology lecturer, and taught the book of Romans to his students, Galatians was his favourite book. It was a passion for him to translate the Bible into German so that ordinary people could understand it and have it in their hands. Within 4 months he translated the New Testament into German! This was credited as his biggest contribution to the church. Now, for the first time, believers could read, meditate, and live according to the Bible.

The so-called five “Solas” that sums up the Reformation are:
  • Sola Fide – only by Faith
  • Sola Gratia – only Grace
  • Sola Scriptura – only the Bible
  • Solus Christus – only Christ
  • Soli Deo Gloria – All honour only to God


500 years of Reformation challenges us still today to be serious about:

  • the authority of Christ over our lives (is He really Lord of our lives?)
  • not adding human laws/traditions to the Gospel (only by Grace through Faith)
  • the Bible as our compass to guide our lives and decisions in obedience
  • giving God the honour and glory that belongs to Him only


Today in prayer, may we commit ourselves to the work of the Gospel that is by faith, grace, Biblical truth, and Christ. May you as a Youth for Christ staff, ministry partner, or volunteer help a lost young person this week discover faith in Christ alone!

Praying with you,

KoeKoes Van As, Africa Area Prayer Coordinator