Global Day of Prayer & Fasting: 1 April 2024

Happy Easter Youth for Christ family! We are blessed to serve a risen Saviour which we celebrate this year on the 31st March, a day before our Global Day of Prayer and Fasting. Easter Monday is a holiday in many nations, so if you have holiday plans in place for this Monday, I encourage you to take a different day out to fast and pray this month.

This month, we are highlighting a prayer initiative out of the Asia Pacific Area. In 2022, they piloted a “Prayer Buddy” program. This program pairs a native English speaker with a Youth for Christ worker wanting to improve their conversational English. In addition to the English practice, it provides prayer support for the Youth for Christ worker (and also the native English speaker). This month, we hear from two participants in the program, Lynne from Australia and one of our National Directors in the Asia Pacific Area!

Because this video features a national director from a sensitive nation, we cannot include it on our website. However, if you are an ePray subscriber, you should have received it via email.

For more information on the Prayer Buddy program and to express your interest in being involved (especially if you are a native English speaker), please email Esther at [email protected].

Lyndal Walker

International Prayer Director

Some suggestions for this month’s Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

  • Spend some time reflecting upon and rejoicing over the Easter weekend. You might like to join in with this song.
  • Listen to the interview (if you received it via email). Is there anything in particular that stood out to you? One thing that stood out to me was how Lynne had been praying for the nation for years already before being partnered with **** which, as Lynne said, shows God’s sovereignty, and brought great encouragement to both of them.
  • Read Isaiah 46:8-11 and reflect. How have you seen God’s sovereignty in the past few months?
  • Read Galatians 6:1-3 and reflect. How can having a prayer buddy help with sharing burdens? Is the Lord inviting you into some kind of prayer buddy relationship, whether it be with a person of another language or within your own nation? Who could you reach out to for such a relationship?
  • If you don’t already meet with others for our Global Day of Prayer and Fasting, ask the Lord if there is someone you could “buddy up” with for this month. Easter Monday is celebrated in many nations. Perhaps if you have this Easter Monday off, you could ask your buddy to go on a prayer walk in nature or invite them to your home to spend time in worship and intercession.
  • Bring the needs of the young people in your Area to the Lord. Pray that they would have their own “resurrection day” and invite Jesus to be their Saviour and Lord.
  • Pray for the harvest workers in your Area, that they would know the provision and blessing of the Lord. Pray for more harvest workers to be raised up to reach this generation.