Global Day of Prayer and Fasting 6 May 2024

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In February, we heard from Leanne Hill about the prayer initiatives they have started in Northern Ireland. One of those initiatives was to start 2024 with a week of prayer and worship. This month, we get an update from Leanne about this fantastic week and how it led to a posture of pausing and noticing God working. Enjoy!

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Some suggestions for this month’s Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

  • Watch the interview with your team. What stood out to you from this interview? Something that stood out to me was that, although the staff were hesitant to set aside a whole week in the beginning, by the end of it they were so glad they did!
  • Reflect: what could it look like for your nation/ministry to set aside a whole week for prayer once a year? Brainstorm some ideas with your team.
  • Leanne mentioned the passage in Exodus where Moses went up to the mountain to pray before going into battle. Read Exodus 17:8-13. Highlight anything the Lord may be speaking to you as you read.
  • You may like to join in with this song.
  • Get creative with prayer. If you like drawing, draw the young people you are particularly praying for to be saved. Ask the Lord if He has a word of encouragement He would like to share with them and see what comes to mind. Pin the pictures up or put up a string across the room and peg them up with the word of encouragement next to it to remind you to pray the word of encouragement over them this coming month. At the end of the month, send them that word of encouragement. If you don’t like drawing, print out a photo of them (if you have their photo) or next time you see them, ask if you can take their photo and say you’ll be praying for them during the next month.
  • Pray for more harvest workers, not only for your Youth for Christ ministry, but for people in general to have a heart to share the good news with the lost and hurting people of our world. Pray particularly for harvest workers to be sent out to unreached areas. Ask the Lord where He might be sending you this month (even if it’s just across the road to your neighbour).
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