Global Day of Prayer and Fasting: 5 June 2023

This month we are hearing from Vivianne David. She helps provide support to Youth for Christ Canada staff and volunteers through Spiritual Formation. Viv has been part of the Youth for Christ family in Canada for 15 years now. She served in her local chapter for ten years, connecting with youth through a variety of community initatives. She’s had the joy of using those early years of experience to draw her into encouraging staff across Canada through her current role with the People Development team. Her ongoing formational experience with Christ led her to a sabbatical in monasteries in France, through courses offered by Renovare, and the centuries-old Spiritual Exercises designed by Ignatius. Most recently, she’s enjoyed training with the folks at the Jesuit Institute of South Africa to lead others on this transformational adventure with Jesus. In this video, Viv shares about her personal journey with prayer and how fasting can be more than just giving up food.

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Be blessed,

Lyndal Walker

International Prayer Director

Click here or above to watch the video.

Some suggestions for this month’s Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

  • Watch Vivianne’s video.
  • What encouraged you from this video? What challenged you?
  • Read Psalm 16. Focus particularly on verse 8. What words stand out to you the most in verse 8?
  • Read Psalm 16 again in a couple of other translations, if available. How does reading it in another translation shift your perspective?
  • You might like to join in with this song.
  • Reflect: What have you been “ingesting” lately? Is your visual diet bringing you life or is it bringing ill health spiritually?
  • Reflect: Do you need to change what you have been ingesting? Ask God to show you what you may need to let go of, in terms of what you spend your time watching, and what you may need to start doing to grow spiritually. Make a plan for how to implement this and ask a close Christian friend or mentor to keep you accountable.
  • Reflect: Where is a place in nature that you like to go to be with the Lord? If you don’t currently have a place, brainstorm a few places nearby that you may like to start visiting for some time of prayer and fasting. If you have a family, talk to the Lord about how you may incorporate them in this time.
  • Pray for the lost youth in your area. Pray particularly for those you know by name. Pray for young people in their identity in Christ and to stand firm in that.
  • Continue to ask the Lord of the harvest to send out more harvest workers. Pray particularly for the needs in your Youth for Christ ministry for more workers.

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