Your Posture in Prayer

Like you, I read the bible to understand, apply and obey what it teaches. I also read scripture seeking to know how people interacted with God, not just what the interaction was about. Personally, I want to know what people did when they encountered God in the hopes I find tools to better respond to God’s leading. Have you noticed that the bible is full of examples that can help us posture ourselves in prayer and better respond to God?

Have you noticed in Exodus 3:4 that God spoke after Moses had turned aside to look at the burning bush?

Have you noticed that both Moses and Jesus met God in the morning hours (Exodus 34:2 & Mark 1:35)?

Have you noticed the many postures David enacted in his relationship with God? David danced ((2 Samuel 6:14) and even sat before the Lord (2 Samuel 7:18).

Have you noticed that Daniel knelt and prayed three times a day with thanksgiving (Daniel 6:10)?

Have you noticed that Jesus in Luke 24:38 acted as though He was walking further than the disciples so they would act in faith and invite Him closer? 

There are many examples of how prophets, disciples and the apostles interacted with God. Each example gives us a tool of how to respond to God’s leading. What I find amazing is that God generously initiates and responds to us no matter how we posture ourselves. The important part is that we notice and respond to Him. When was the last time you turned aside to chase the Spirit? Do your mornings belong to God in prayer? When did you last dance, sing or sit before the Lord? Have you disciplined yourself with thanks in prayer as Daniel did? Have you felt Jesus inviting you to act in faith? In what way can you posture yourself in prayer and respond to God’s leading?

I’d like to propose that God is interacting with you all the time. How you respond (your posture in prayer) will help you interact and follow God’s leading. As you read your bible, notice what people did when they interacted with God. Apply the bibles teaching, posture yourself in prayer and anticipate His presence.