Youth for Christ family around the world: Help us “saturate” our movement in prayer by joining us in the month of October for 24/7 prayer.

You could choose to pray for one hour, two hours or even a whole day. You may choose the same time slot each week. You can pray by yourself but, even better, gather a group together and pray. You may choose to pray at one time by yourself and another time with a group. We will also be having some “Zoom Prayer Room” times each week, too.

Let’s aim to cover the whole month in prayer – not so we can say we’ve prayed for 24/7 for a month – but so that every young person, in every people group, in every nation may be given an opportunity to become a follower of Christ.

When: October 1st- October 31st, 2021 

For signup and managing your booking:
*Please note all times are listed in MT (Denver, Colorado, USA)*
For instructions for how to book a slot using the 24/7 booking system, please visit
For easy time zone conversion calculations, please see

Corporate Prayer and Worship Kick-off

Let’s kick-off our month of prayer with a time of worship and praise, hosted by Lyndal Walker, International Prayer Director, and Pat Steele (YFC Australia), from Hope Movement. You must register to join.

Friday 1st, 7-8pm MDT Registration link

Corporate Zoom Rooms

Regular corporate zoom rooms will occur each week. Details are listed here, in the Saturate app, as well as in the booking sheet (orange slots). Please join us for these times so we can pray together as a family.

Every Monday 8-9am MDT Registration Link hosted by Marilyn Rendle

Every Tuesday 9-10am MDT Registration link hosted by Joel Martin

Every Tuesday 3-4am MDT Registration link hosted by Susan & Desiree

Every Thursday 2-3pm MDT Registration Link hosted by Lyndal Walker

Friday 8th 1-2pm MDT Registration link hosted by Ember Liddiard

October 24/7 Corporate Prayer and Worship Wrap-Up

Let’s get together to give thanksgiving to God for all He’s done during the month of October as we’ve saturated our movement in prayer. Hear some testimonies from the time and also from our International Board Chairman, Howard Stevenson.  You must register to join.

Sunday 31st Oct, 11pm- midnight MDT
Registration link

Saturate Prayer YFC app

We will be using the brand new Saturate Prayer YFC app for communication, sharing prayer topics, and providing zoom links. We encourage you to use the app for the sharing of more personal prayer points, testimonies and encouragement.

  1. The Saturate Prayer YFC app can be downloaded from the Google Play store here and from the Apple store herePlease make sure you have the latest version of the app and/or update the version you have as new updates come in.
  2. Sign up using either a YFC or personal email address.
  3. Update your profile and verify your email address. Please note, you won’t be able to post until this is done.
  4. Check out the instructions and information on the Resources Tab (Screenshot_20211001-172612_Saturate~3.jpg).
  5. Start interacting by creating a post (Screenshot_20211001-172612_Saturate~2.jpg) or responding to a prayer request.

Saturate will be administered and moderated by the prayer team. Please contact [email protected] for questions, feedback or moderation issues.

Prayer Guide & printouts
We are excited to present you with the October 24/7 Prayer Guide. In it you will find an introduction as well as the themes we would like you to prayerfully consider and prayer points from each Area. We have also included a 2-page black and white summary that you may print and share with team members if you want to save on printing the full prayer guide. The summaries are also translated into Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Swahili and French.

Any further questions can be directed to [email protected].