The Fight of Prayer

The Fight of Prayer

When it comes to prayer, most things come through resting in God (a posture of thankfulness and trust). Others come through a fight.

At the beginning of January, I was with the British Youth for Christ staff during their annual conference. As a husband and the father of three, it’s always hard to leave home and travel to another country. It’s even harder to be an ocean away when something happens to your child.

While in London, England, my second son woke up with terrible pain. A muscle had spasmed in his neck and left him almost unable to move without causing incredible pain. Even being an ocean away, our amazing community, comprised of friends and family, took care of my wife and our children. A friend who is a nurse, came and taught my son some stretches to reduce his pain. Yet, after 24 hours, my son, could still barely move and remained in bed. We had prayed for my son as a family and as a couple, but he still remained in pain. To clarify, the pain my son had was in NO way life threatening. It did however, cause us as parents, concern. Being later on a Saturday night, my wife planned to take my son into the hospital the following morning, if the pain hadn’t decreased significantly.

When my wife started to text me, It was 1:00 am in London, England (where I was), and 8:00 pm in Ontario, Canada (where she was).

“We need to get people to pray,” She said.

With that, we started connecting with friends and family to pray for our son. I even posted our prayer request on facebook and many people responded in prayer.

Within ten minutes of asking people to pray, my son sat up for the first time in hours!! Further more, 80% of his pain, had instantly disappeared. My wife actually had her camera and filmed my son sitting up! She sent me the video (across an ocean) and we celebrated in the Lord, giving Him thanks for the incredible healing that had taken place in our home. My son wrestled the remainder of the pain for another 4 days, but now is completely better.

I was reminded while praying for my son at an ocean’s distance away, we are in a battle (1 Timothy, 6:12 & Ephesians 6:10-20).

When it comes to prayer and the Kingdom, all things come through faith. Most come through resting in God (with a posture of thankfulness and trust). Others come through a fight. The fight is when you know what God has said (by His Spirit or Word) and by prayer, see it accomplished.

What are you fighting for in prayer?

A Day of Prayer and Fasting

Next Monday is the Global Day of Prayer and Fasting for lost young people. The mission and battle of Youth for Christ is to see every young person know Christ and be transformed by Him! This battle is the reason, we again, take the first Monday of every month, to pray and fast. For a Youth for Christ missionary, there is no greater call, than to lay our lives down in prayer and fasting, that another young person would come to know Christ.

Adam Shepski

Global Prayer Catalyst

Youth for Christ International

Here are some incredible resources to help your team shape your day of prayer and fasting.