Relationship With God

“Has your relationship with God changed the way you live your life?”  Francis Chan

Dear  Labourers on God’s Field,

We thank God for the opportunity to share the blessings of ministry in these latter days. There is still a lot for us to accomplish in order to glorify God and reach the peoples of Central Asia. 

We live in times of incredible technological progress when the speed of life is increasing every day. Even small children can access any information today. And the people from the opposite sides of the globe are suddenly at the distance of a click. As we get busy with life every day trying to catch up on everything, we should never forget the things that matter the most and what we live for. 

We may reach all the heights, accomplish all the great causes, receive praise and recognition from other people, but if the fellowship with the Heavenly Father and the deep personal relationship with God are just a small part of our life we miss the whole point. If the first thing we touch in the morning is our smartphone and not the Bible, if we pray only to see our needs met, it might mean that we are missing out on something important and God has become just a means of solving our problems and achieving our personal goals. 

Let us ask ourselves:

•     When was the last time when I prayed and cried not because I felt sorry for myself but because God’s love overwhelmed my heart?

•    When was the last time when I repented not of my stupid failure but of ignoring His voice?

•     When was the last time I thanked God literally for EVERYTHING?

We all are called to ministry, we all would like to be successful in His field. Unfortunately, we often tend to love His ministry more than we love Him. May the most important thing remain the most important. 

Let us pray for: 

•  All staff, young leaders and youth around the world that their relationships with the Father would not be a religious formality and that we always would be an example of the lively, deep and continuous fellowship with the One who loves us most of all.

•  Please pray for summer camps that will take place around the Asia Pacific Area and open hearts of young people. 

•  Please keep in your prayers YFC ministry in countries where our brothers and sisters are persecuted for their faith, like many nations in Central Asia. 

Sasha K