Global Prayer Calls

Who’s up for another worldwide family reunion?! Those of us who have been to GA or to the MORE conferences online know how special and encouraging it is to connect and reunite with YFC family from around the world! These times are a beautiful reminder that we are One YFC, though we have many different expressions in different cultures across the globe. We may look different, speak different languages, etc. but our hearts beat the same— with love for Jesus and with a desire for the youth in our nations to experience His love.

We want to build this family spirit even more, through quarterly Global Prayer Calls on Zoom that EVERYONE in YFC will be invited to join — staff, volunteers, board members. Once a quarter, we will reunite and pray for one another and for the young people of our areas, as well as for our upcoming General Assembly. The first Global Prayer Call in February was an amazing time together with so much good feedback — e.g. it was “fabulous!”, “Soooo good,” etc. Don’t miss out on the next ones:

Wednesday 24th May 12pm GMT

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Tuesday 22nd August 8am GMT

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[The one in the 4th quarter will be part of an exciting week of worship & prayer, which we will share more details about later!]

Hope you can join us! There is great power and joy in unified prayer!