Global Day of Prayer & Fasting: 3 July 2023

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We are coming to the end of our series of leaders sharing about their experience with prayer and fasting. I hope and pray that you’ve been inspired and challenged by what they have shared. This month we hear from Tommy Stewart, a Youth for Christ International Board Member and a great leader of leaders. He has known the power of prayer and fasting for a long time and encourages us to intentionally get involved in the Global Day of Prayer and Fasting. May you continue to know the power of prayer in your own life and ministry.

Many blessings,

Lyndal Walker

International Prayer Director

Some suggestions for this month’s Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

  • Watch Tommy’s video.
  • What encouraged you from this video? What challenged you?
  • Read James 5:13-18, Luke 1:35-38, Mark 9:14-29. What stands out to you from these passages?
  • You might like to join in with this song.
  • Reflect: Since beginning this video series on prayer and fasting, is there anything you have changed about the way you pray and fast?
  • Reflect: What has the Lord been saying to you during these intentional times of prayer and fasting?
  • Act: Find out if there is a specific prayer call in your nation and/or Area that you could join on a regular basis. Here are some that I know of:
  • Southeast Asia Prayer Call – led by Regional Director Scott Johnson. Email Scott for information. The 1st Monday of the month.
  • Asia Pacific Area Prayer Call – led by the Area Prayer Coordinator. Email the AP prayer team for times and Zoom link.
  • Portuguese-speaking Prayer Call – led by Eliane Cohen, Portuguese-speaking Regional Director. Email Eliane for information.
  • Global Prayer Call – led by Ember Liddiard, International Prayer Deputy Director. Held once a quarter – email [email protected] for more information. The next Global Prayer Call is Tuesday 22nd August 8am UTC. Click here to convert to your time zone. The prayer call in the 4th quarter will be part of an exciting week of worship and prayer, which we will share more details about later!
  • Pray for the lost youth in your area. Pray particularly for those you know by name. Pray for the ministries of Youth for Christ reaching out to them, as well as other ministries in your area serving youth.
  • Continue to ask the Lord of the harvest to send out more harvest workers. Pray particularly for the needs in your Youth for Christ ministry for more workers.
To find out what prayer calls are happening in your Area, reach out to your Area Prayer Coordinator:

EMENA – Timea Reichert

Asia Pacific – AP Prayer Team

Americas (Spanish and Portuguese only) – Ana Luiza Pellegrin

Africa – Irene Aliso

Click the link below for a video transcript in that language: