Global Day of Prayer and Fasting: 3 April 2023

This month we are privileged to hear from Dave Brereton, the International Director of Youth for Christ. Listen deeply as Dave shares with us about Jesus’ experience of fasting at the start of His public ministry. As you do so, may you be encouraged and empowered to continue sharing Jesus with the lost young people in your area.

Lyndal Walker
International Prayer Director

Some suggestions for this month’s Global Day of Prayer and Fasting

  • Watch Dave’s video.
  • What encouraged you from this video? What challenged you?
  • Read Matthew 4:1-11. Highlight what stands out to you in this passage.
  • You might like to join in with this song.
  • Reflect: Have you ever tried a 40-day fast? Many Christian traditions fast during Lent, giving up at least one thing they enjoy. With Easter upon us this month, is there one thing you could give up for the remaining days of Lent to focus more on Christ? (Some people give up coffee, chocolate, meat, sugar as examples.)
  • Jesus came out of his fast empowered for ministry (Luke 4:14-15). Write down some things you want to be empowered for in the month of April in your ministry and take time to pray about those things on this day of prayer and fasting. What do you sense the Lord saying to you about these things?
  • Pray for lost young people to be found, especially as churches and ministries present the good news of the gospel this Easter. Pray that churches will be ready to receive new “babies” in Christ.
  • Pray for Easter programs that you know of which will be happening in your area, and particularly for those who will be ministering at this time.
  • Continue to ask the Lord of the harvest to send out more harvest workers.

Click the link below for a video transcript in that language: