Do you carry a burden for the lost?

Earlier this year I was at the airport picking up a friend who travels the world teaching Christian leaders and ministries simple and reproducible tools to share the Gospel. He had recently shared with me a recent study that 98% of North American Christians rarely (if ever) share their faith with someone far from God. Shocked by this, I invited this friend to come to my city and help equip leaders to share the Gospel with their city. As I waited for my friend to arrive, I began to think to myself,

“You’re tired, it’s ok if you don’t have a passion for the lost like this man. Just relax, take in what he will teach but you are already fruitful with the lost. This is for others not for you.”

Although these thoughts were mostly true in my life, there was something underneath my thoughts that un-nerved me. I discerned apathy. Apathy was seeking to root itself in my tiredness, so in the airport while waiting for my friend, I repented and prayed,

“Father, forgive me for my apathy. May the passion and love of Jesus who died for the lost compel me to action. Holy Spirit, light a fire in my heart for those who have yet to know You.”

Friends, God did a work in my heart that day. He heard my prayer and answered. Days later you would have found me laid prostrate weeping in prayer for lost souls. In the Lord’s mercy, I have walked with a greater passion for the lost. Since that day in the airport I have sought to guard that passion with increased diligence.

What I want to share next is only to boast in the Lord and His grace and mercy towards my life. After repenting of my apathy, I have seen many more souls enter the kingdom. There has been an increased spiritual hunger for prayer, fasting and that the lost would meet Jesus. I am re-discovering that sharing the Gospel matters. It greatly matters to Jesus that we preach the Gospel and I am learning to let it matter to me.

I want to ask you a simple question as we approach our Youth for Christ Global Day of Prayer and Fasting. Does preaching the Gospel to lost souls matter to you?

Join me in intentional prayer next Monday that every young person would have the opportunity to hear the good news of Jesus. There are some amazing resources on the Youth for Christ International website to aid you and your team as you join the Global family in prayer for lost youth.


Adam Shepski

Youth for Christ International