An observation of my life when praying has been: if I don’t believe I’ll receive what I am asking/seeking for in prayer, I don’t pray with conviction, perseverance, authority, passion or faith. 
My question was, “what causes me  to pray with a conviction to receive in prayer?”
Prayer is simple.
If I believe the word, promises and nature of God, I see that by prayer there is something for me to inherit and receive. This produces faith to receive what I ask for in prayer. If I see clearly what is available in the nature of God and His Gospel, my prayers to live in its truth become relational connection points for the Spirit of Truth to answer with His power. 
Jesus said, “all things you ask for in prayer, believing, you will receive.” Matt 21:22
This became so evident for me when I heard the story from a small Youth for Christ ministry in Central Canada. A handful of Youth for Christ staff prayed and fasted, asking God for 12 new salvations in a month’s time. They were moved to tears when 12 teenagers gave their lives to Christ after hearing the Gospel at one of their programs. From those 12, God has been adding to the number of youth being saved. In that same month (December 2018), these Youth for Christ missionaries saw 27 teenagers give their lives to Jesus!
It is found in God’s Word and nature that He desires to save the lost. He desires every young person to come to Christ. Increase your conviction to pray, believing that God wants to save youth in YOUR ministry, neighbourhood, city and country.
Adam Shepski
Global Prayer Catalyst