Prayer Notes


Marina Mugarura, Jean-Baptiste’s wife, is now at home but still in a very delicate condition. Please do continue to pray for this precious family. Jean-Baptiste is the National Director in Rwanda and the Regional Director for East Africa. Pray especially for their children as they weather this storm.

A number of Young Leaders have written post General Assembly describing “Boldness in Evangelism” moments. One of them said that when she returned home to lead a group of young ladies in a Bible Study, she made a deliberate effort to speak about salvation. Four girls accepted the Lord right then and there.

Let’s continue to pray for that boldness – assertively loving young people into the Kingdom of God.

While in Alice Springs, Australia, after preaching at a local church, Geordon was able to meet with a fledgling “pioneering committee” about how to start Youth for Christ locally. Christian police officers and teachers, local youth leaders and young people gathered to pray and plan a way forward. They are in contact with David Ridley, the Young Leader who spoke at General Assembly about the Holy Spirit’s power. Alice Springs is right in the middle of the vast Australian outback and the needs of teenagers are huge throughout that region.


Psalm 118:23

This was the Lord’s doing. It is marvellous in our eyes. 


Geordon just arrived back in Denver after one full month away in Japan, Thailand, Singapore and Australia. One of the powerful lessons he was reminded of is our complete and total dependence upon God.  Only the Lord can do anything of eternal value. As we offer up ourselves as empty vessels, we are used of God for His purposes. Many have asked Geordon along the way, “How do you handle so much travel and ministry pressure for so long?” The answer is simple - “I intentionally find ‘sabbatical moments’ throughout the day or the week when I can rest in Him.” Sometimes, that means riding bikes with friends in the outback, or swimming at Balmoral Beach in Sydney, or even taking a siesta. Sabbath is not something we earn; it is an outright gift from God. Be encouraged. We are.

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