27 August 2014

Prayer Notes


After two successful camps in Lebanon their volunteer staff ask us to pray:

Pray that the campers would continue to grow in their faith and that this camp would only be the jump-start of God’s marvelous work in their lives.

The next step is to ask God to provide passionate volunteers, ideas and resources to continue reaching out to students who will need follow-up and discipleship. Please join us in prayer. We will have a camp reunion on September 6th where we will be launching our discipleship program for 2014-2015 which begins in October… a lot to look forward to!



2 Kings 4:3

“Go, borrow vessels from everywhere, empty vessels. Do not gather just a few . . . ”


Are you an empty vessel?  The Holy Spirit is looking for empty vessels, men and women who are so called to Christ that they are emptied of themselves.   Elisha gave a widow a plan of action in order to help her sons from being enslaved.  She and her sons gathered as many jars and bowls as they could find and, miraculously, they were able to fill every one with oil.  Oil represents the seal of anointing in Scripture.  Go; gather and recruit empty vessels around you for the cause of Christ!  Jesus said that the harvest is ripe and ready but that the (youth) workers are few.  We are to pray recruitment prayers and then pray that the Lord would fill us all with His anointing oil for His purposes – to free this generation from sin!

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