Prayer Notes


Praise God for a great National Staff and Leadership Retreat in Australia. The team is working through some challenging transitions and realities. Chris Powell, National Board Chair, is taking a key interim management role.

Pray for the year-end programs that many YFC nations undertake. As we move to the end of the calendar year, pray that staff and volunteers will be intentionally Bold in Evangelism in all the programs.

Also at the end of the year we want to celebrate God’s goodness to the Youth for Christ movement as well as giving opportunities for partners to invest on an ongoing basis.

Praise God for a marvellous commissioning service last week of over 80 YFC leaders – staff and volunteers – in Birmingham, UK.


Colossians 1:6

…the gospel is bearing fruit and growing throughout the whole world – just as it has been doing among you since the day you heard it and truly understood God’s grace.


From Geordon Rendle, International President
Some years ago I was asked to speak in a maximum security prison in Puebla, Mexico. I began by saying, “Oremos” (let’s pray) and to my astonishment, 300 men stood and shuffled out from between their brick and board benches and fell flat on the dirt floor of the Chapel. I was dumbfounded; it took me a long minute to begin to pray, and then, only after I myself knelt on the floor beside them. When I asked my Chaplain friend what that was about he said, “They are so aware of God’s holiness and their sinfulness that they cannot conceive of speaking to God in any other position. They prostrate themselves because they celebrate being recipients of God’s grace!” The Gospel bears fruit and grows throughout the world as we truly understand God’s grace! Receive His grace…

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