Prayer Notes

by Geordon Rendle, International President


March 8th is International Women´s Day.

  • We celebrate and thank God for all of the women who serve in and through Youth for Christ globally – we are proud of them.
  • We also pray especially for all of the teenage girls around the world, that the Lord would guard their hearts, minds and bodies.

We have a ministry geared specifically for women in the Youth for Christ movement called HATS – Hands Across the Sea.

A story from the Youth for Christ chapter in Indianapolis in the USA encapsulates the ONE YFC spirit and camaraderie AND highlights the fact that Prayer Works!!

“Yesterday we had two teenagers from our City Life neighbourhood kidnapped at gunpoint. Their cousins are part of our ministry. There was an amber alert issued and our City Life Director was helping those affected in the midst of uncertainty. The police were saying they were in grave danger due to it being a ransom situation for stolen drug money.”

“I was “talking” to Augustine Fredericks the National Director of Youth for Christ in Liberia (our World Link partner) as it was hitting the news. He immediately called a half day of prayer and fasting for Max and Emma for their safe return. Speaking absolute trust in the Lord over the situation.”

“After a high speed chase in Detroit and three men arrested, the kids are in protective custody back in Indianapolis. I cannot begin to explain the emotion of knowing that a group of people who have seen devastation beyond anything I can imagine this last year because of Ebola, would stop everything for the sake of these two kids, and here I was thinking that World Link was about us helping them!”

“Our Central Indiana YFC team has been blown away by this and I thought you may be blessed knowing this.”

(World Link is a program of Youth for Christ in the USA that connects local US YFC Chapters to National YFC ministries around the world – there are over 30 chapters participating in this marvellous collaborative model.)


Philippians 4:6

Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.


How much time and energy do we waste being anxious? Turn worry into prayer, turn anxiety into a conversation with God, turn your needs into blessings by sharing the load with Christ Himself.

Ebola and kidnapping – horrific and devastating realities all over our world, but God does listen; God does respond. Sadly, the most common response to grief and pain and hardship is to silo. But,

  • Prayer spreads the load around.
  • Prayer shares the burden.
  • Prayer serenely calms the heart.
  • Prayer is the passageway for the peace that passes all understanding.

Share your prayer needs with the body of Christ around the world, with the Youth for Christ global family. This week, as the World Leadership Team and the YFC International Board gather, we thank God together for this sweet hour and season of prayer.

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