About ePray

Welcome to E PRAY! Global, a prayer initiative of YFC International. We want to thank you for responding to our need for prayer. We are grateful to the Lord for His faithfulness and, to you, for your obedience to pray for and with us.

I arrived at the position I now serve through much reasoning and deliberation with the Lord and surrender to what I believed evangelism was and found was not. Evangelism is truly His work of regeneration and without Him in the mix, evangelism is an activity at best. That’s where prayer comes in! I am convinced of this–without prayer coupled with evangelism, without joining God in what He is doing, our call "to make disciples" is futile. This is the reason for E PRAY!

I am committed to this cause and will be deliberate in responding to the prayer needs of the field and the prayer needs of our young people through the ministry of E PRAY!

Your Part

I want to stress the importance of you in accomplishing E PRAY! ‘s mission–to see the powerful and effective prayer of the righteous undergird the YFCI movement, fortify its mission, reinforce the troops, and trigger an explosion of God’s Spirit upon a generation who will be characterized by devotion to His Word and to prayer, boldness in evangelism, passion in social involvement and godliness in lifestyle. Without you, without your concerted prayers, these efforts will be fruitless!

What is E PRAY! Global?

Simply put, E PRAY! Global is an inter-communication’s exchange of prayer requests/praise reports from our international staff and our young people we serve via email. For example . . . A YFC staff needs prayer. Their prayer request is posted on E PRAY! Global. It goes out globally and people join in praying. The answer comes! The praise report is posted on E PRAY! Global and we rejoice together!

What is E PRAY! Global’s Format?

You will find E PRAY! challenging and encouraging at the same time. Among its features are: prayer and praise highlights from the four YFC International areas (Africa, Americas/Caribbean, Asia Pacific, Europe/Middle East/North Africa); E’s Young People (prayer updates on youth/youth initiatives); E WORD! (a relevant study from the Scriptures); From My Heart to Yours (a brief "nugget" from the prayer director), along with quotes, scripture verses and prayers from saints past. You will receive E PRAY! on a weekly basis in a HTML format.

I hope this helps you better understand our intentions in creating the format known as E PRAY!. I thank you before hand for each prayer raised to the Father on YFC International’s behalf. God bless you and may our partnership remain fruitful.